The Killing of Patients in the hospitals of Berlin – Buch during the Third Reich

The Killing of Patients in the Clinics of Berlin-Buch in the Third Reich.

The citizen journalist and historian Rosemarie Pumb spent the last 25 years investigating the killing of patients in the hospitals of Berlin-Buch in the period of national socialism.

In countless hours of archival research, she succeeded in gathering strong evidence and documentation on the euthanasia of mentally ill, old, Jewish and other patients. As an author of the local newspaper “Bucher Bote” she creates awareness and edits several publications on this subject.

In the meantime, a local initiative has been established and several memorials have been donated to commemorate this dark chapter of the large hospital complex in the north of Berlin.

Interview with Rosemarie Pumb in TAZ (german)

In a collaboration between filmmaker Alexandra Weltz-Rombach and pupils of the Hufeland school, a project was launched in 2011 to produce an interview with Rosemarie Pumb.


In extensive discussions and research trips, the students learned the history of the hospitals in their city district and produced a short film on the subject. The film was awarded the MediaMax Prize. Also, a blog was created to accompany the progress of the project over time.


In 2015, a media station was installed in Berlin-Buch to expand the library area of national socialism. The user finds previously

In addition to the challenging subject of the installation, the technical setup was very innovative. A Raspberry Pi 2 was programmed to provide the data displayed by a touch screen to make the experience as informative and comfortable as possible. According to the director of Brigitte Krause, the station has become an integral part of the library program and is received with great interest by the visitors.

A further initiative, which was founded in Berlin Buch, carried out a two-year historical research in order to compile a register of victims of the patients of the former healing and nursing home. Using the data and names collected in the final report, a light installation took place on January 27 (annual day of liberation from Auschwitz).



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