Parkafilm is a video production company run by the filmmaker Alexandra Weltz-Rombach. Parkafilm focuses on the development and production of documentary formats and social media content. Parkafilm cooperates with NGOs and political initiatives to promote a critical political discourse and make social struggles visible.

Alexandra Weltz-Rombach, Producer-Director

MA of Cultural Studies, Comparative Literature and History at the HU/FU Berlin. She works as a filmmaker in film- and art projects.

Her credits as author, director and camera include several online films for the NGO ECCHR (2009-2015), a media station on “Euthanasia in the hospitals of Berlin-Buch during the Third Reich” (2015), the documentary „Casa Luz“ about a Peruvian orphanage (camera, co-director with Navina Khatib) (2012), ARTE-documentary “Marx reloaded” (co-director with Jason Barker) (2010), an online series on the Junta trials in Argentina (2009), the educational documentary “Digital Handcraft. Conditions of Labor in Computer Industries” (2008), a portrait of Antonio Negri for Arte/ZDF (with Andreas Pichler) (2004) and  the mockumentary „Fear of a Kanak Planet“(with Ilker Egilmez) (2001) as well a number of cross-media projects. She lives and works in Berlin.





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