Innovative Media Station on „Euthanasia in the Hospitals of Berlin-Buch during the Third Reich“ becomes part of the public library in Berlin-Buch

Based on the extensive research work of local journalist and author Rosemarie Pumb a media station is installed to enhance the libraries section on Nationalsocialism. The user finds never before published photos, videos and texts that display facts which were researched in the archives of Berlin.
Apart from the challenging subject matter of the Installation the technical set up is very innovative.

A Raspberry Pi 2 has been programmed to provide the data which are displayed by a touch screen to make the experience as informative and comfortable as possible. According to the head of the library Brigitte Krause the station has become an integral part of the libraries program and is received by the visitors with great interest.

Trailer for Open Situation Room – Mercator Foundation
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